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Top Investigative Fraud Audit: Legal Aspects of Follow-up findings of the Corporations

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Top Investigative Fraud Audit: Legal Aspects of Follow-up findings of the Corporations

Along with the growing complexity of business and the opening of investment opportunities and investment lead to the risk of fraud on the company higher. Referring to the various cases both inside and outside the country shows that fraud can occur anywhere and includes a fairly large in the business sector. The case with the PT Sarijaya Securitas in the private sector and also in the state like the PLN, Social Security. Various private companies, when revealed no cases of Corruption Act, was also involved. It shows that the impact of fraud is very likely to bring the parties involved, ranging from employees, officers and directors even patio BOC also the owner apparently vulnerable to legal consequences.

The efforts made by the company owners, managers and employees of companies working to improve performance can never be achieved if the company is still entrenched fraud actions. In order to provide a deterrent effect, reduce fraud losses and improve the control system if there are strong indications that there was a fraud, the company is expected to take appropriate action to carry out an investigative audit.

With investigative audit, the company has a risk of financial loss due to fraud actions can reveal who the parties to a fraud which would then be held responsible to compensate the company. Furthermore, in order to have a deterrent effect impact it is necessary to take both administrative and legal action against the perpetrators of fraud. Related to follow the law of fraud is found, then the company should have a thorough consideration of the company's financial aspects and legal aspects related to the regulation of the employees and the company.

Thus, the effectiveness of the disclosure of fraud at the company will provide added value especially for the recovery of losses incurred, improving control systems and make other potential perpetrators failed to commit fraud. In turn, this will provide a positive impact on the value of the company because it will allow companies to improve corporate performance management by increasing both the economic aspects of procurement, business process and its effectiveness effisiennya company's work program.

Referring to the above, the training urian "investigative audit TO FRAUD AND LEGAL ASPECTS OF CORPORATE findings at follow-up" will provide insight into cheating, how to express the Investigative Audit and understand the legal consequences of the fraud that occurred at the company both internally and also with regard to the financial countries.

The benefits obtained for trainees, are expected to include:

understand the following forms of cheating cheating on its classification.
provide gambaraan on the implementation of Investigative Audit to uncover fraud
able to identify the findings into the legal aspects as well as the follow-up findings.
gain an understanding of Corruption Act in order to protect and not to engage in a criminal act of corruption by referring to the relevant legislation.

Training Methods:
The presentation of the material we deliver training using for adults (andragogy training method) in the following way:

Brief exposure draft discussion
Interactive discussion and discussion antarpeserta
Surgical Case
1. Basic Concepts of Fraud

Definition and Elements of Fraud Fraud Triangle, Process Fraud, Fraud Risk.
Category Fraud (Fraud Tree):
Asset Mis appropriation
Fraudulent Financial Statement
2. Application of Laws and Regulations TPK the Corporations Act

Law of Corruption (TPK)
Application of Corruption on Corporate
Risk and Legal Aspects Inherent to the Title
The concept of the state as well as the State Finance State Losses
Handling Crime / Cheating on state
3. Basic Concepts Investigative Audit

Perspectives and Definitions Investigative Audit
Investigative Audit Methodology
Axiom in Investigative Audit
4. Preparing predication and Developing Investigative Audit Plan:

Identification Forms Fraud and Loss Indication
Assessing Preparing Cases in preliminary form Hypotesa Fraud.
5. Preparing predication and Developing Investigative Audit Plan (continued)

Proof of identification and related parties.
Evidence Testing
Prepare Investigative Audit Program
6. Investigative Audit Techniques:

Testing Documents
Physical Testing
Covert Operation
Entrapment Case Studies (Capita Selecta) Handling cases indicated TPK
7. Preparation of Investigative Audit Report
8. Legal aspects of the follow-up findings of the Corporation.
9. Investigative Auditor as a witness in legal proceedings
10. Case Study (Capita Selecta) Handling cases indicated TPK

Who should Attend?
Board of Commissioners and committees under it (the Audit Committee, Risk Management Committee), Internal Auditor, Risk Management & Compliance Manager or Officer, Managers (especially in places prone to cheating in the various activities of companies charged are alert to the possibility of fraud ), Corporate Secretary, Legal Department / Law Section.


Raden Agus Suherman / Kuncoro / Irham H.

The Professional and Practitioner has over 15 years of experience in their respective fields. With ever held a variety of positions including: Operational Director, Training & People Development Manager, Training Manager, Head of waste water treatment facility, Finance Director, Financial Planning Manager, Sales Manager, HR Director, etc.. and has worked in multinational corporations and international organizations such as Astra International, The National Conservation - U.S. Based NGO, etc.) as well as graduates from leading universities from home and abroad

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