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Employers Asked to Not Make Cheating fuel

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The mining and agribusiness entrepreneurs are asked not to cheat, by buying fuel or pelangsiran results hoarding fuel subsidies. Fuel Task Force South Kalimantan, supervised practice of distorting fuel subsidies indication on track mines and plantations. Chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) South Kalimantan, HAS Hadi Zainal, Sunday (25/11), deplored the practice is still rampant irregularities fuel distribution mainly to the region mining and plantations. "We are asking all employers who are members of Hipmi to not commit fraud because of adverse public fuel," he said. He can not be denied, the price disparity between fuel subsidies and economies that nearly doubled, providing opportunities for the practice of distorting the distribution of fuel. Furthermore put forward the condition of coal prices decline throughout 2012 largely influence the cessation of mining activities, especially small scale. It is also proposed, Chairman of the Employers' Association of Indonesia Coal (Aspebindo) South Kalimantan, Iwan Ramlan, instructing members not to buy fuel for the illegal mining activities. "There may be such a mining company. Therefore we ask all members to comply with Aspebindo. (*)

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